Space for you and your baby

It's no secret that being a new parent can come with a lot of happiness & its fair share of challenges! 

Adjusting to your new life, new routine & a new baby can be a daunting task that is sure to raise many questions.

At Space, you and your baby will connect with other new parents & their babies starting between 0 - 4 months old, to explore parenting & children's development in a safe, facilitated environment.  Meet weekly with other new parents to share your experience and form connections that will last well into your parenting journey.

Explore music & movement, rhymes, books & a variety of play experiences. Discover ways to support & extend your baby's learning & development, including ideas & opportunities for play experiences at home. 

Topics discussed may include: 

Sleeping & crying

Becoming a parent

Establishing attachment

The beauty of the brain (brain development & early experiences)

Expressing myself (communication & language development)

Treasure baskets, heuristic play & exploration of play

Physical development (fine & big muscle co-ordination)

A sense of me & others (socialisation)


Parenting Place works in collaboration with a variety of organisations to deliver Space for you and your baby.  To find Space in your area visit Space near you, we can't wait to meet you!